About us

Here at STAR Cleaning, We Shine Above the Rest!

Why go with us?

We are known for our dedication to green cleaning! Also, we'll help set up a cleaning schedule that is appropriate and convenient for you, and we are always be professional and prompt! You can rely on us for your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

Our fantastic location

We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan but our territory is not limited to Michigan. If you need something cleaned, we'll come to you!

Our expert guides

Our our highly trained STAR Cleaners will get the jobs you need done finished quickly and safely. When it comes to being Johnny-on-the-spot, STAR Cleaning is there for you!

Our area

As mentioned under our location, we are located in Grand Rapids Michigan, however if you are nearby out of state, don't be afraid to call us. Where ever you are, call us! We'll come to you.

Custom Scheduling

Whether your cleaning needs are daily, weekly, or monthly, of course we will work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business or personal time frame.


Justin Ekkel Owner

Learning the business from family, Justin’s passion for “clean” comes by him naturally. He takes a personal approach to every client, tailoring his services to fit their exact needs. With his attention to detail, his reputation with his clients proceeds him. We invite you to read some client testimonial here. First and foremost, Justin is a husband, father, and soccer coach extraordinaire. He has adventurous spirit and loves to travel. He also works to give back to our community and has founded Cans for Kids GR, an organization that works to support local charities.

Shannon Ekkel Owner

Shannon began her own home cleaning business several years ago and was exited for the opportunity to work along side her husband. With her passion, knowledge, and keen eye for detail, Shannon does the “deep cleaning” for STAR. Aside from company operations and management, Shannon is a busy mom of five beautiful children. She is dedicated to her family and puts her all into everything she does.

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