• Green Cleaning

Green & Natural Cleaning

STAR Cleaning is dedicated to staying green to keep things clean!

We use green-cleaning techniques for all our services.

Our earth is precious. This is a statement that few people in Michigan or anywhere else in the world would disagree with. There are plenty of harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable products that exist everywhere without us, or any cleaning service for that matter, adding to the list. For this very reason STAR Cleaning is fiercely dedicated to using only the best in eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and other various products that we use.

This dedication carries over into every service that we provide: this includes our janitorial, carpet and upholstery cleaning, boat detailing, pressure washing, tile and grout and floor restoration, for both residential and commercial locations. It is our belief that no situation or cleaning job we are on should ever justify slacking in this area, meaning in our effort to keep our methods eco-friendly.

Consumers typically equate the word "green" with the environment, so it's no surprise that many environmentally conscious consumers come to us here at STAR Cleaning for their commercial and residential cleaning needs. There has been a long-ongoing movement in the cleaning industry to adopt green cleaning practices for the sake of protecting the environment, but ALSO for the sake of improving the health of consumers. STAR Cleaning is proud to share this philosophy with others who care about being green, for the sake of protecting human health and the environment. There is a growing body of evidence that links certain chemicals in cleaning products to health problems, from asthma and allergies, attention disorders and even cancer! Our thinking here at STAR Cleaning is this: if we can do our part to prevent use of chemicals that can potentially contribute to such severe health problems, we'll do all that we can!

We at STAR Cleaning encourage all to educate themselves about the harmful chemicals that some cleaning services employ, and urge you to steer clear of them! Invest, instead, your trust in a company that is conscious of the environment and the health of its consumers. Call the number at the top of this page and choose STAR Cleaning today, for a job well done that's sure to be environmentally safe.

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