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Pressure Washing

Our pressure-washing techniques are exactly the type of elbow grease you've been looking for!

Pressure Washing

What a concept, right? If you've never heard of this type of cleaning technique, let us explain. With high pressure water jets spraying out at 3,500 psi (pounds per square inch) we use water to spray away dirt and grime that would otherwise take a lot of man power to scrub, (and leave your arms and elbows aching for a few days afterwards.)

Most pressure washing is typically done outside, but using a combination of water and vacuum it can be done in enclosed/indoor spaces as well. The difference is the vacuum, which prevents a watery mess indoors. To have this done right, call STAR Cleaning for professional power washing services and get the clean lobby, entryway, or business space of your choosing that you want, fast!

Go ahead and give us a call, using the phone number at the top of this page. We'll answer any and all questions that you may have, and we'll always do our best to work out a cleaning/detailing schedule that best suits your needs and timeframe.

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